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Tula Mathews in School’s Out

Tula Mathews in School’s Out is the first book released from Your Ending Books and the beginning of the Tula Mathews book series. This fun children’s mystery introduces the two main characters Tula and Toby who are best friends and mystery solving partners in their small town of Picolo. So dive into the pages and help them solve the mystery of the missing Dino Teddy.


Tula and the Jelly Bean Bandit

Tula and the Jelly Bean Bandidt is the second book in the Tula Mathews series that introduces new character Kitty Jolly, daughter of the neighborhood candy maker. What started out as a loving surprise for Kitty’s friends turned out to be one of Tula’s silliest mysteries. Come along and help Tula and Kitty figure out what happened to all that candy.