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About Us


About Us

Your Ending Books (YEB) was created to provide parents and educators with tools that allow young readers to foster and develop their ability to make sound decisions and formulate endings to each story by using context clues and their imagination. YEB books also allows readers to practice their creative writing skills while having fun with amazing characters that they will grow to love.

About the Author

Mellisa is the writer and creator of YEB and resides in Central Florida with her husband and two awesome sons. She started her career as a registered nurse but quickly realized that her love of reading, writing and all things kids was where her heart was longing to be.

A Word from the Author

I¬†always wanted to be a writer and creator of children’s books but never really knew how to get started. So one day, I got on my computer and just started typing the first thing that came to mind. After a few minutes, the first story “Tula Mathews in School’s Out” was created. I would revisit my work periodically over the next few years but I finalIy committed to moving forward and getting my work published in 2014.

The stories that I create are usually inspired by events and/or people in my life that make me laugh or trigger vivid mental imagery. For instance, the main character Tula is a combination of my 8 year old self and several TV characters that I enjoyed as a child. Tula’s best friend Toby was inspired by a childhood friend and my sons Andrew and Matthew.

I hope that all YEB readers enjoy the playful mysteries and characters that I’ve created and share the adventures with a friend.